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Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion
Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Tina Køster Fogelberg, Fundraising Analyst

" has revolutionized the way we approach our donors. Their AI-powered insights have allowed us to connect with our community on a deeper level and have significantly increased our engagement rates. Highly recommended for any organization looking to enhance their fundraising strategy."

The Danish Association of the Blind (DAB) Linda Styrk Johansen, CRM Manager

"At the Danish Society for the Blind, we are happy with the collaboration. understands our organization and the data we work with. They are a great sparring partner when it comes to optimizing campaign data and identifying the donors who are most likely to respond positively to our campaigns. The intro process and start-up went very smoothly, and is open to finding solutions and integrations that also fit into our setup. All in all, a great collaboration.

Rasmus Pedersen Director of Data & Analytics at ASE

"We chose for easiness and automation. We have obtained a higher degree of productivity and precision, and a shorter time to execution.

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Our Vision for Tomorrow: Elevating Private Fundraising with the power of AI

We are dedicated to delivering innovative AI solutions that not only enhance donor journeys but also cultivate a mindset of data-centric innovation. We believe in democratizing technology, ensuring that every organization, big or small, has access to top-tier tools that forge deeper donor relationships and catalyze transformative change.

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+92% Hit Rate in Direct Mail Campaign and x4 ROI

A globally recognized non-profit organization, dedicated to providing medical assistance to individuals impacted by war, natural disasters, epidemics, and other crises, sought to refine its fundraising strategy. Historically, like many NGOs, they depend on direct mail and telemarketing to raise funds. 

Identifying Donors with the 4% Highest Churn Risk

Research indicates that acquiring new customers can cost up to five times more than retaining existing ones. Furthermore, enhancing customer retention by just 5% can potentially boost profits by up to 95%…

Increase the ROI in Telemarketing by +250% by Prioritizing the Top 30% Leads

The challenge for NGOs is to find the right balance between investment in telemarketing and the returns it yields. The solution lies in leveraging data more intelligently. While Machine Learning (ML) is not a new concept, its application in predicting the outcomes of outbound activities has been limited.

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